Building Blocks (Part 3)

Have you ever been to a nursery? Not the one with screaming children, but one with thousands of plants? We have a nursery right in front of our house and it is huge! I often wonder how much water and plant food they go through each week. All of those plants need water, nutrients, and sunshine to survive! If the workers fail to do their jobs, the plants would wilt each day they did not get the food they need.

What does it take for a Christian to continue to grow? If you ask any child who is in Sunday School they would say, “Read the Bible and pray!” If it is that simple, then why is it hard to spend time each day to pray and read the Bible? Your flesh and human appetites would rather do just about anything than sit down and read the Bible and think deeply on its truths. Being is the Word daily and spending time in prayer is a spiritual discipline.

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Building Blocks (Part 2)

I recently heard a preacher ask, “If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” That question made me think. You cannot earn your salvation by works. However, your works and lifestyle can verify if you are truly saved or not. A person who has truly been born again will manifest that change in the way he lives.

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Building Blocks (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered how some Christians have remained faithful for many decades? Some of the most influential men in my life have all been saved for well over twenty years. So how does someone keep the course for so many years?

Every Christian is either in a state of spiritual building or stagnation. Those men I look up for have decided to continually build their relationship with God. Although becoming complacent and apathetic is easy, it sure doesn’t lead to a place where I want to be!

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